NEMT for all Routine Checkup Patients

NEMT for all Routine Checkup Patients
Nitin Lahoti

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Nitin Lahoti

Mar 25, 2021

NEMT Pulse is a white label dispatch solution to automate the NEMT process. It is designed to help people meet their healthcare transportation needs by providing on-time non-emergency medical transportation. The unique solution considers all the elements of associated stakeholders - hospitals, transport providers, and patients by streamlining the entire process.

In the United States, many of the patients miss an appointment at a doctor's clinic, lab, rehabilitation centre, and for routine checkups due to lack of proper transportation facilities from their residence. Such missed appointments are worrying about the healthcare industry and the patients to fix another meeting later. Moreover, these patients do not have a caretaker to take them to the healthcare facility centres.
Either, they are helpless, immobile, and no one at home to take them for a routine medical checkup. Seeing this as an opportunity to serve the healthcare industry, Non-emergency medical transportation, or NEMT, emerged successfully as one of the best in medical aid transportation in the US. They achieved this by developing nemt dispatch software. Here, we have discussed its uses, benefits, and cost of NEMT services.
Aged Patients and Medical Aid Transportation
Today, many aged patients are immobile due to their ageing and health reasons. They might suffer from more than one chronic disease. Moreover, they might be alone in their home as everyone is a working person. Hiring an ambulance on rent is not a good practice until it is an emergency as per medical grounds. Hence, the smartest way to book a vehicle is to use nemt dispatch software.
This user-friendly software allows you to book a preferred vehicle to transport you to the hospital or doctor's clinic as per the appointment schedule. Here, the patient can track the hired car and be free from tension like a missed appointment and do not know where the vehicle is now. An aged patient with some disabilities can book the right vehicle available with NEMT. In this way, the car driver will help you get in and out of the car comfortably.
Routine Checkup and Medical Aid Transportation
A few patients might need a regular visit to know the treatment after conducting various tests and rehab therapies. In such a case, a patient should not miss an appointment. Thus, the nemt dispatch software is the best to use by fixing them as your non-emergency medical vehicle. They will come on time and pick you at the clinic for a test at one place or different places.
They do drop you back after the tests are over. In this way, you will not miss a medical appointment. Here, the NEMT service provider has many alternative vehicles and drivers to compensate if the fixed car cannot pick you. Thus, do not worry about your appointment, and they will come for a doorstep pick and drop after the healthcare consultation is over. NEMT services are the best for physiotherapy patients who have to visit the rehab centre daily. They can navigate nemt dispatch software to trace their booked vehicle.
Benefits of Non-emergency Medical Transportation
Qualified Drivers in the Healthcare Industry
The drivers of NEMT are not just licensed surface vehicle drivers. In NEMT, they are given training and certification to deal with non-medical emergency patients. They know to drive all classes of four-wheelers. They are trained to use nemt dispatch software thoroughly to act as and when they are notified for pick up and drop off a patient.
GPS attached Medical Aid vehicles
The nemt dispatch software is GPS enabled. Thus, a patient can track his or her booked vehicle. They can also know where they are now while driving. Hence, it is useful software for the NEMT drivers and the patients availing their services.
NEMT Vehicle Types
NEMT provides necessary vehicles of a patient's choice. If a patient is mobile, they can book a sedan or a premium car. If a patient is immobile, he or she can book an ambulance. They do provide medical aid-supported vehicles like oxygen and medical emergency kits. Hence, a patient has the options to sit and go, layback and go, or with assisted transportation. Here, the driver of the vehicle is your assistance. Thus, nemt dispatch software is most downloaded by patients daily in the United States.
Integrated Software
The NEMT made it possible by integrating the medical and transportation system in one platform. Thus, a patient need not book separately for health care help and vehicle booking. All require dispatch software. This user-friendly platform is easy to operate by a patient. Hence, it has a healthcare provider, NEMT services, and patient history.
You can know your NEMT account and record them for medical costs on transportation and healthcare services. Their GPS tracking allows you to check by locations where you went. In this way, you can recapture the scene if you do not remember later on. They keep your data safe and secure. They do not indulge in immoral practices to share your data to a similar or related industry for marketing or services purposes.
NEMT Payment Gateways
The nemt dispatch software supports the top 5 payment gateways in the United States. Thus, a patient can make an online payment from their Smartphone or a desktop system. The cost of NEMT services is comparatively lesser than other medical aid transportations. Moreover, the facility and amenities related to healthcare services are more than the other into similar services is. NEMT payment gateways are safe and secured. Here, you have many options to select from a payment gateway. Moreover, you can pay after too if you are unable to do so.
NEMT dispatch software has saved many missed appointments. It has also helped the healthcare industry to serve better by giving proper treatment and saving lives. It is because; many missed appointments have led to the passage of many patients.
NEMT comes into existence to curb those losses due to the non-availability of a vehicle with a health care trained driver. They serve the community at an affordable cost. It is why NEMT is popular among patients. They might be with some chronic diseases, aged patients, and those who are in some therapies to heal or be cured soon.

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