Password security systems are unimportant if you are stupid

Password security systems are unimportant if you are stupid
Ulrich Reber

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Ulrich Reber

Jan 20, 2015

Many companies today spend millions every day to create safer systems to protect our privacy, but, there is another condition for achieving your privacy - you mustn't be a total idiot.

Hello guys, long time no seen! :D Kidding. Now I am here with an interesting topic that you will all like. We all know that privacy today is something that is very important thing because of Internet affairs, and stuff. Many think that companies are trying to steal your private data for marketing and stuff and many think that governments are spying on us to get data and check if someone threatens national security. 

Millions are spent every day to make our data safer and to make our transactions private. And, yet, nothing is good enough if you are an idiot as the people you will see in the video. 

This guy, don't know his name, has shown us that no matter how good the system is, people can ruin it. How? Well, by telling their passwords out loud in front of millions of people watching. Indirect questions lead to discovering passwords. And, I am not talking about indirect questions that they were asked in some longer time intervals, but about questions that were asked few seconds after the question: What is your password


You will see that some of the people even spelled their passwords, really don't know why. Now, I am thinking about my answer if someone asked me something like that and it would look like this:

"My password is my private thing and I won't share it with you" (Except in case that reporter was some very hot chick, then, I would share my Wi-Fi password, my house key, my MasterCard PIN, really anything.)

I don't want to talk anymore, just watch the video and enjoy the show. 

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