New Honda Neowing

New Honda Neowing
Howard Mason

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Howard Mason

Oct 11, 2015

Honda successfully follows the trend of three-wheelers and manages to keep up with famous brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Peugeot, Quadro, and Can-Am, and with its latest concept model Neowing, it even goes not just one, but two steps ahead of the competition.

If you're wondering whether the Neowing can make it to production, or whether it will look anything like this concept, consider the NM4 model. That motorcycle pairs pure concept styling with unconventional mechanicals, like the six-speed dual-clutch transmission that allows for full automatic operation. Both the styling and the DCT are intentionally disruptive in the segment; Honda wants to bring in nontraditional riders, and perhaps new riders. The DCT will appeal to those intimidated or uninterested in manually shifting, and the Neowing might appeal to riders looking to tour without fear of dropping a half-ton motorcycle.

When we look at Neowing, at first we see the perfect and unprecedented design when it comes to this class of vehicles, and at second glance our attention is diverted to a hybrid drive which is a combination of 4-cylinder boxer engine and two electric motors on the front wheels. Otherwise, the front wheels are connected via tilt suspension system, so that the vehicle leans when entering the curve similar to a motorcycle. Therefore, a motorcycle tire is mounted on the rear end.

We are definitely contemporaries of historical changes in motorcycling and the growing popularity of heavy tricycles.

We will have more info about Neowing once it is introduced at Tokyo Motor Show which will start with two Press Days on October 28 and 29, opening its gates for the general public from October 30 until November 8.

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