Win a Scholarship to MarketingProfs Marketing Writing Boot Camp

Win a Scholarship to MarketingProfs Marketing Writing Boot Camp

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Oct 18, 2019

Learn about the scholarship to MarketingProfs marketing writing boot camp.

MarketingProfs Marketing Writing Boot Camp can not only help you to sharpen and refine your writing skills but also help you to learn from other experienced people in the field who have top skills and experience when it comes to writing for different topics and reasons.

Many benefits could accrue to you from refining your skills since refined skills could open up more opportunities for you, expand your network, as well as change how you approach various issues. Winning a scholarship to MarketingProfs marketing writing boot camp can help you achieve these objectives, and there is even more in store since the benefits are exponential.


To win the scholarship, you will participate in some form of challenge or competition that will help to determine those who have what it takes to join in the boot camp. The participation mainly involves coming up with a blog post or an article that will serve as an entry to the competition.

There are a set of rules, which include a specific number of words, as well as a deadline so that all the entries can go to the verification and assessment phase so that several posts based on some metrics can be picked for consideration or selection.

Selection Process

The entries are fundamental pillars in the selection process since they help to determine who will advance in the next stages of the process, and who will have to sit out and wait for another opportunity. Essentially, the boot camp is all about learning. It is more of learning about new ways of writing good content. It is also geared towards imparting skills to the participants in other areas of writing so that they can stand out whenever they are writing on those topics later in their lives.

The skill of writing requires consistent effort and practice. For writers to be on top of their game, they need to ensure that they write regularly. This way, it becomes easier for them to learn new aspects, correct mistakes, and also learn how to go about writing in different areas that they previously were not knowledgeable about or had no relevant skills in.

Criterion for Selection

While some folks might think that the top articles or the top-notch articles in the entries are the ones that will be eligible for the boot camp, it is important to note that that is not entirely the criterion.
This boot camp is a learning forum – and not primarily a competition. In that regard, the criterion is more focused on passion and the longing for new knowledge and skills in the area of writing. It is all about honing and sharpening existing skills to ensure that after the boot camp, there is something new that has been learned by the participants of the boot camp.

The Boot Camp

The boot camp will involve several sessions. These sessions will encompass various lessons on various areas of writing – and these may range from style and flow to how to impact the target audience of your writing. Further, the boot camp will also involve instruction and also addresses from top writers in the field. Some of these writers are professionals and have won various awards.

To sum this up, the boot camp is an important activity that will help writers to improve their skills in different areas of writing. Writers who have a keen passion and an urge to sharpen and advance their skills will particularly gain the most from the boot camp; since this boot camp mainly targets them.

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