How to Start a Career in Web Design

How to Start a Career in Web Design

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Feb 12, 2020

Do you want to know how to start a career in web design? Have you played around with code or even built your website from scratch? Have you wondered where to begin your training? This guide will tell you exactly that.

Do you want to know how to start a career in web design? Have you played around with code or even built your website from scratch? Have you wondered where to begin your training? What about entering the web design field? Many designers want the freedom of working as a freelancer. Another option is finding work with a prestigious design firm.

You can learn web design on your own as the internet offers a lot of great information. The worldwide web is also filled with tutorials so you can learn the tools of the trade. As the need for web designers increases, prospects for jobs have increased. Check out some of these steps that will guide you on your way to becoming a web designer.

What Niche Do You See Yourself In?

There are many career opportunities within the web design industry. As a freelancer, you’ll have more freed to explore a few or all at your leisure while working for a studio. You may even work within a specific niche or department.
Careers in web design are many. Here are some examples!

  • Applications Developer
  • Game Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Web Content Manager
  • UX Designer or Researcher
  • Multimedia Specialist or Programmer
  • General Web Designer or Developer

There is a lot more to the web design field in today’s world. Web designers take part in every aspect of the worldwide web. You can specialize or keep a broad knowledge of the web design field.

The industry offers a lot of career opportunities. Having a strong portfolio can help you land the job of your dreams. Many web design agencies look for specific niches to fill. Others look for designers with a comprehensive set of skills to fit their needs. Your unique skills could also land you a job with a boutique web design studio. Setting up your own freelance studio is a viable option. Keep your options open as your career as a web designer will evolve.

Educate Yourself


Educating yourself is important. Website builders have their advantages and are easy to work with. They offer cheap website design and confines you to what they offer. The true knowledge is learning the programming language behind them. These will allow you to see if your model is workable.
These programming languages are essential to web design.

· HTML (Hypertext Markup Language
· CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
· JavaScript

The industry of web design holds these in high demand. The internet is full of resources to help you learn how to code. For some, learning on their own presents a lot of difficulties. Colleges and universities offer web design courses and degrees. If you excel in a classroom atmosphere, these place will give you what you're thirsting for.

Web design theory is a discipline of its own and is an importation foundation of principles to learn. This will instruct you on how to follow UX design, which gives a website its visual appeal.

UX Theory helps you learn how website organization works. This includes many of the following.

· Information Architecture
· Color Theory
· Visual Hierarchy

The worldwide web keeps evolving. Its best to stay on your game at all times. Design isn’t the only thing a web designer needs to know. You'll need to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is an important tool to increase a website’s visibility. This will help you focus on improving a websites performance across many platforms. This is important as SEO can help a site’s ranking climb in a search engine result.


The Best Tools for the Job


Fluency in the proper tools is essential to your success as a web designer. The industry has its standard tools, and success is dependent on learning and using them. Web designers also dabble in graphic design. You’ll need to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop to stay competitive. You’ll need to resize, crop, or compress images to fit where you need them to so they’re viewed easier for the web.

You can use the program Mockplus to check your designs within minutes. You need to know fast how your design looks for the web, and this program creates an interactive site for your test. Web designers also have CMS (Content Management Systems) to learn. These will help you manage web content and allow site owners to make changes as needed. Some popular CMS are Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress.

Learn a Variety of Skills


Unless you freelance and do it all yourself, you may find yourself working with a team. Communication is essential to the process. Trends come and go. Web designers find inspiration and know how to use these trends in their career.
You will need an advanced skill in visual design. This will improve a website’s look and help you succeed. This can include typography, web fonts, color palettes, grid systems, and other tools. Digital media is on the rise in today’s world. Print media is also making a comeback. Today, web designers may need to design offline campaigns for their clients.

A web designer needs to stay competitive to have a career advantage. Having a basic knowledge of the following programs will help.

· Adobe Photoshop
· Adobe Illustrator
· Adobe After Effects
· Adobe Animate

Web designers are an asset to any digital marketing strategy. Clients could call upon designers to use their skills in digital marketing outlets.



Web designers are a significant factor in how others use today’s and the future’s internet. Clients need responsive web design across multiple platforms. Web designers with the right knowledge will reap the rewards the industry offers. It will take you a lot of determination and hard work and success will continue to open many doors for you to enter.

A web designer must adapt to an ever-evolving world of technology and resources. Clients expect quality results. The marketplace is a goldmine of opportunity for web designers. Learning new strategies will keep you ahead of the game.


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