MotoGP 20 – Review

MotoGP 20 – Review
Linda Jones

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Linda Jones

Sep 14, 2020

Real-life MotoGP season is very uncertain because of the pandemic, but the new official game is up and running – MotoGP 20 – is here to help all motorcycling enthusiasts not to forget their favorite sport.


This title is here just 11 months after the previous game (MotoGP 19). The new racing game is created on promising basics. Now we can see many new elements, new historical elements, improved career mode, new ways of fuel consumption simulation, and tire wear modeling simulation.

Handling physics is also improved compared to previous titles, slowly but surely we are entering into the world of realistic simulation. In MotoGP 20 there is one very interesting mode: In that mode, you can use drivers from MotoGP in Moto2 and Moto3 competitions; this is an excellent way to support Moto2 and Moto3 categories. We all believe that this year could be the year in which MotoGP moves from being a good game to become an excellent realistic simulation.

MotoGP 20 starts off well, the first thing you notice is a very stylish menu which is much improved. Riders look very realistic, almost like real photos and the team garage is very nice looking too, and you can hear very professional engineer discussions and mechanics that show facial expressions. These details are not essential for the game but it is very cool to see how much effort developers invested in this game.

You have 22 circuits to choose for racing – all tracks for the season 2020 and additional tracks such as Laguna Seca and Donington Park which are historical locations – you have every choice you need. When you start riding your motorcycle, you will notice immediately that this is the best Milestone-developed video game yet. You can also see additional details beside each track, very natural-looking, and very precise and sharp texture.

The first time when you start with a full MotoGP motorcycle it will take you by surprise. I was waiting for this for a long time. When you stop your motorcycle, it will pull and put the power down – this will create such a realistic feeling of real physics. It is much more realistic than safe but dull corner-entry to which we are accustomed so far. Actually now, you must slow the bike down in a delicate way in order to stay on track - otherwise, you will land from the trail. You have to soften the corner entry approaches in order to prevent the rear wheel from going up which can launch your rider in an old fashion way.

The new handling system is not the only new thing. There is also a new fuel consumption system and an asymmetrical tire system. Before you start racing, you can choose tire compounds, each has different wear rates and different amount of fuel that you can pour in your motorcycle. Also, you can choose between two engine modes: economical engine mode and fast engine mode.

All in all, I recommend this game to all fans of racing games. The video game is really good.

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