Ferrari 488 Spider – Review

Ferrari 488 Spider – Review
Linda Jones

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Linda Jones

Nov 13, 2020

This car was declared the best modern automobile for sale in 2020. Let's see if that's true for the Ferrari 488 Spider.

This car is not all about luxury like Rolls-Royce Phantom, and it is not all about high tech electronics like a Formula 1. It is not like a BMW 750i for example or like ultra-exotic supercars and its price is a little bit more than a new Honda Accord. With all this in mind, it was impressing to spend one week in this car and to test it. It is not easy to think of any other car right now because the impression is still very strong. It was a truly great experience to enter the cockpit and see all the buttons inside and try its majestic performance.

The car we tested was painted in a historical color first used on Ferraris from the 1960s. It has very rich ivory shade and it may look confusing at first but later gave the real Ferrari look in my eyes. Outside paint goes perfectly with the interior and everything looks well-combined: paint, red leather seats, the cockpit, belts, etc. It is a striking experience, to be completely honest, a refreshing experience as only Ferrari can do.

The real beauty of this car is in your eyes. The wheel is leather-and-carbon-fiber, very thick, and well made. It fits like a glove; it has the 3 and 9 o'clock positions that feel so perfect and comfortable - you can’t expect this from many cars nowadays. Horn buttons are just where your thumbs are placed when you drive; among many other switches there is a red start/stop button, shock-firmness button, turn signals, and of course: button for choosing driving mode just like on any other Ferrari car.

The car I tested also has LED redline indicators placed on top. The seats are racing style covered with leather with carbon shells along the spine - this is perfect for back comfort. Also, the cockpit is very well designed, with lusciously polished carbon-fiber trim and many other features. This car doesn’t have a touchscreen monitor like most modern luxury cars, but instead of that, it has a useful multi-function display. It is not super high tech but it is very well made and functional. The designers of this car took care of every detail. Other cars are capable to do some things much better but this car does exactly what it was made for. When you hold the wheel and operate this vehicle, it feels like nothing you ever experienced before.

The only thing that is not cool about this car is its price, with almost 400,000 dollars; this car is not accessible to a larger group of people, although it is worth every penny for those who can afford it. All in all, an excellent car and great performance - that’s for sure.

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