Influencer Marketing Vs. Corona

Influencer Marketing Vs. Corona
Ronald Damilus

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Ronald Damilus

Dec 29, 2020

We are sure that this topic is still #1

At a time when we need to socially distance ourselves from our dear people, friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, digital media are the ones that keep us together - celebrate birthdays via Live, talk to the family through the House Party app, video call at Viber, WhatsApp, we hold meetings and join lectures and conferences via Zoom, Team Talk, Skype…

The world has slowed down as internet traffic grows at a dizzying speed!

Although it seems to us that a pandemic has taken a beating and even captured our favorite social media profiles, is that really the case?


Virally Vs. Viremic

We are sure that this topic is still # 1, but it took only a few days for the audience to pick up the "light" theme and look for something different content that will help them to make their time in quarantine, in your home, spend the highest quality possible.

We have been confirmed by those who know best about it - who but influencers! The daily monitoring of the online community, as well as the research we conducted among micro and macro influencers, has shown us that COVID19 may not be the mainstay of social networks for a long time.


Corona-free Content

The results showed that followers of the largest number of influencers expect the content they are accustomed to so far, seek fitness, culinary and beauty tips, suggestions for activities for children, useful and educational materials that are expanding, and communicate The virus corona is not among the favorites.

Influencers have certainly not bypassed the fact that they have a great influence on their army of fans and followers, which is why they continue to appeal to everyone to be responsible and stay in their home, share good practices, highlight important information, support small businesses, while We wanted to capture the topics and topics they had previously covered, so we are already seeing a slight increase in video content on topics not related to COVID19.

While still cautious, listening to the expectations and demands of escorts (DM, Q&A, surveys), they are willing and willing to work with brands, which indicates that emergencies do not necessarily mean stopping the market, but a necessary adjustment to the situation.


What is next…

It is undeniable that this situation has naturally disrupted the regular flow of promotional brand campaigns and activities, but what is important to note is that it is the task of brands to enter consumer homes through digital channels and become their true friends in difficult situations. Companies are expected to share useful content, focus on the user and his life from home, which is why influencers in this situation justify the promotion of exclusive products and services that can facilitate and enhance the lives of consumers and those that can be ordered online.

What is certainly necessary is to adjust the tone of communication and include selected influencers who, during this period, receive a large number of followers, and who, in accordance with their audience and their desires and expectations, will harmonize the promotion in the right way. Because in the end, who knows their audience better than themselves?

Now we can finally conclude that this time it is 1: 0 in favor of brands and influencers!


So let's sum it up…

  • Life goes on - Audience seeks different and light content
  • Quarantine & Chill - Tips for the best time spent and fun - a must! Content on digital channels is being developed to provide useful tips for living at home and to promote online sales, and the ideal ratio would be 2/3 to 1/3 in favor of tips
  • Talk native to me- Influencers willing to help brands with promotion. They receive a large number of followers, their reach and engagement increase dramatically. Get them involved in campaign design - they know their audience best, so they'll suggest the most appropriate way and intensity of promotion.
  • Beware, be responsible, and # stay at home


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