Productive Things to do at Home During Coronavirus Isolation

Productive Things to do at Home During Coronavirus Isolation
Thomas Adams

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Thomas Adams

Feb 5, 2021

If you are doing the minimum on your side – staying at home – here are some productive things you can do during coronavirus isolation.

Before starting with the tips about productivity, make sure that you limit your news ‘intake’. Early in the morning and maybe in the evening is enough to stay informed about the main points. Don’t trouble yourself with numbers constantly. Especially with the numbers that have nothing to do with your region or country.

Feed the Brain

First thing on your list should be immediately - book. Not a movie or a series, no binge watching, but a book. Some book that you’ve been meaning to read for a long time, but ended up postponing it forever. Start reading it now.

This will feed your brain and imagination and it will help lower the anxiety of all the endless information about the virus.

Revisit Your Hobby

Most of us used to have an artistic side, so maybe give that a go one more time? Painting, making music, writing. Try to wake up those old feelings of satisfaction of creating something, even if it’s just for you and it’s not meant to be shown to everyone.

For me, the dusty guitar on the wall is staring at me as I write this, and it’s waking up old feelings of the time when I had played it non-stop. Let’s see what the neighbors have to say.

Cooking and Baking

Ah, the forgotten skill of cooking. Remember all those Tasty videos you saw, but never ever tried to do yourself? Now’s the perfect time to give that a go. Prepare all (or enough) ingredients and try cooking something by yourself. Mac and cheese don’t count!

It will be a welcome change from all those fast meals.

I always wanted to learn how to make bread. It’s just a useful skill, right? Find some instruction videos and give it a go.


Training your body to stay (or get) in shape is a must. It will keep your brain sharp in the times of crisis because you are not allowed to go outside. Even if you can go jogging, I would avoid that. Try some bodyweight workouts, pedal to the metal, and in 15-20 min a day, you can achieve a great figure.


You know how you always wanted to have at least a bit of time to try meditation? No more excuses! If you have a balcony, you can actually discover a strange sense of serenity everywhere. The air has never been as fresh as these last few days.


Last, but not the least, cleaning. Get your tools in order, sharpen the knives, repack your wardrobe. When you are constantly at home, it can easily get dirty, and if you let your home decay, you will probably forget doing all of the above and just sit and try to do all seasons of Friends… again!


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