Super User and Special Permissions

Super User and Special Permissions
Ronald Damilus

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Ronald Damilus

Feb 18, 2021

Why is Super User one of the most important roles in any IT field?

How do you get permission to read or see something? How do you get permission to modify something? How to get permission to get... permission?

AAA stands for authentication, authorization, and accounting and is one of the crucial things in today's IT systems. One of the things that AAA server does is to manage, share, assign and determine what kind of things you can do with specific files, data, or services.


Why are privileges and permissions big thing? Imagine if everyone could do whatever they want with any service or file. The hackers would not bother to attack at all. Today one of the biggest problems is how to organize the structure and hierarchy of the permissions and users. One of the interesting permissions is "special permission"

Imagine being unable to access a file!? You can contact the administrator of the server, system, or document owner and he will open a case for modify or wirte option. But how can a "third party" do this at all?

A "Super User" is a user who has the privileges of giving others privileges. To authorize another user or service to do whats necessary.

Edward Joseph Snowden was one of those Super Users in NSA. In order for anyone to do anything or gain the authority to do anything on the system, that person needed to come to Super User to ger privilages.

Why is this roll important? It is important because without it it is almost impossible to share competencies. It is a roll of confidence and a roll above all rolls. Someone also calls this a God System roll. Special permissions are of extreme importance in any filed fo functionality and hierarchy.

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