A Social Network, Online Marketplace and Community Management Platform based on the principles of Total Privacy, Data Control and Trust

A revolutionary and patent pending geo statistic database based on chain-code, hyperchain and blockchain technology allows total privacy and data control and total trust and transparency when needed. All on 3 different yet totally integrated levels for online community management, online marketing and private communication.

This concept also allows all kinds of geo selections on all levels as well as auto translation of all content from and to more than 100 languages. We do not store any user data. Extensive and easy to use privacy settings let the user decide what data to enter or to delete and what data can be seen by whom. No user data is sold processed or distributed in any way, allowing users to enjoy total privacy and control of their data.


GLWeb, the content creation, presentation, social networking and online community management part of GLBrain is a totally safe yet highly integrated network for everybody who is searching for a secure place to manage private as well as corporate connections.

It offers new and innovative features to create, publish and share content, enables users to manage their online community, follow or friend with others or favorite authors, create and/or follow movements or votes of all kind.


GLMall is the first fully integrated online mall concept and marketplace for all kinds of online shops. It offers an online market across four “Floors”; Products, Services, Real Estate and Jobs, allowing private users as well as businesses to create and present their offers in a very distinct and geographically focused way. Marketing tools like banner advertising and full integration in GLBrain along with sharing options to all other social networks and all related possibilities of GLBrain create the perfect platform for online marketing.


GLFeed is the private/social communication function of the network which is completely data secure and free of any advertising. It is used to share posts and messages with friends and selected communities and to share them on other social networks.

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